Collaboration is Key

by Bill McGann on 10/14/2019

The security industry, like most industries, benefits by the sharing and testing of ideas. The more we can get together to trial and test concepts, discuss ideas and challenge the status quo, the faster our industry can advance.

What is sometimes seen as an alternative to this view, and one of the elements which provides a unique position for our industry, is that we must ensure that we’re not increasing risk. However, in my mind this only means that the requirement for collaboration further increases.

As the pace of international travel increases globally, security risks are also growing. At the same time, technological capabilities have surged, enabling the security checkpoint to be reimagined. With all this in mind, we had a vision to create a venue where security professionals can explore, reimagine and evaluate the future of security checkpoint with the opportunity to physically test the solutions and receive hands-on demonstrations.

In May, we opened the D.C. Experience Center, in Washington D.C. The venue includes a wide range of security technology from demonstrating the current day reality across airports within the world today, as well as the best in class environment as achievable by today’s regulations. The Center is open to other technology producers, security and airport professionals, and regulators who are invited to work together and share experience and expertise.

Products that can be explored include aviation hold baggage systems, people screeners, carry-on baggage screening and other specialist equipment. The 6,000 square foot space includes L3Harris’ widely-deployed ProVision® 2 body scanner, ClearScan® checkpoint CT cabin baggage scanner, Mach-SmartLane® automated tray return system, B220 HTTM explosives trace detector, ACXTM 6.4-MV X-ray baggage scanner, and Mach-SEMS® – L3Harris’ security, efficiency, management software integrated monitoring system.

But the purpose of the Center is that it continues to grow and evolve, the more time the equipment can spend open with people tweaking, changing, testing and installing more equipment, the better. We want the environment to be collaborative, where visitors are able to test and trial solutions and capabilities to move the industry forward. This approach supports the ethos that innovation and change is a community effort.

Ultimately, airports want to discover the most cost-effective and efficient security solutions to move passengers through security safely and quickly. The Experience Center allows visitors to test and explore small changes in a working environment such as tweaks to the technologies that lead to fewer false alarms and pat downs. Or it can be used to completely tear up the rule book and try something completely unique. The canvas is clean and the possibilities are endless.

Getting passengers through the checkpoints safely, quickly and efficiently will lead to a positive effect on airport revenue, as well as increasing passenger satisfaction and wellbeing. As an industry, the more we can collaborate the faster we can achieve this ambition.