Employee Story - Dennis McCole, Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing & Business Development

by Dennis McCole on 03/12/2019

In 2010 I joined L3 as part of the ACSS Business Development team. This role is extremely fulfilling, as our team studies new technologies and develops business cases to support new product offerings that will expand L3 market share and grow the business.

Aviation is part of my soul; I am a private pilot, owned an aircraft for many years and started skydiving at the age of 18. In fact, I have 3 brothers, all pilots, all airplane owners and all skydivers! One of my brother’s is a GM at the FBO  in Vermont and the other has made a career out of buying and selling airplanes. I used to spend most of my leisure time with my brothers either flying or skydiving or talking about aviation. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that I pursued a career in aviation.

I started out my career in television production and digital media. It was a thriving industry, full of excitement and creativity as the internet became alive and digital media began to take shape. I found my passion and became an entrepreneur growing my own digital marketing agency. I had a team of 30 creative and energetic professions and we were lucky enough to work on some world-class, industry leading websites.

As the digital market started to become more of a commodity, I wanted to pursue my love of aviation while leveraging my creativity with my business development skills. I started at another aerospace company in 2007 as part of the strategic marketing team for business aviation and general aviation. This allowed me to learn the aviation market from a supplier perspective. I learned about the state of the industry and how technology was currently being implemented.

I joined L3 in 2010 in my current role as a Business Development Manager. I work with my team members in tandem with our advanced engineering team to identify new technologies and new product offerings. My team’s role is to support these efforts by developing business cases where we look at the market size, competition, market trends, pricing and development costs to help build a business case in support of an L3 investment. This is a very exciting role with many moving parts. This role allows me to engage with pilots, dealers, fleet operators, airlines and regulators.

I also support our product line from a marketing strategy stand-point. This involves the management of the roadmaps and working closely with product management on product life-cycle issues. Additionally, I collaborate with our MarCom team on the advertising, digital and social media, trade shows and sales collateral required for each product.

My greatest accomplishments are my two young boys, now ages 6 & 7. In McCole fashion, they may also become aviation enthusiast and share the same passion for flying like their Dad and their uncles. Being a small part of the aviation safety industry has been extremely rewarding and something I am proud to share with my boys. My son Ryan says that my job is “Way cool dad!”.