Eric Zanin: Developments in Security

by Eric Zanin on 12/18/2019

Eric Zanin, VP of Business Development in the Security and Detection Systems division at L3Harris, has been with the company for two years. Eric shares his insight on the developments made during 2019 and assesses the outlook looking forward:

2019 has seen tremendous advances in technology upgrades within the security industry, with L3Harris demonstrating product leadership in its detection products for the global market- driving dramatic improvements in security screening, operational efficiency, and passenger experience.

At the forefront of new technology is the adoption of Computed Tomography (CT) technology in aviation checkpoints. CT systems, such as L3Harris’ ClearScan, have seen adoption in all regions with significant tenders and awards at the world’s leading airports. The L3Harris ClearScan is the first checkpoint CT system to pass the European C3 concept of operation (CONOP) standard for cabin baggage, allowing your laptop and liquids to remain in the bag. Its low false alarm rate when coupled with the C3 conop nearly doubles passenger throughput for the airports.

Furthermore, we continue to see a major upgrade in hold baggage screening with the purchase and deployment of Standard3 high speed screening systems. Awards for these systems have tripled in 2019. An additional trend is the global adoption of body scanning millimetre wave systems. With the UK mandating adoption by 2022 and Australia releasing tenders across its airport community, L3Harris has the opportunity to add to its 90% market share with more than 2,000 systems currently deployed. Having set the highest standards in screening with our market leading systems, we are engaging the aviation community to enhance their security and operational systems with an enterprise software platform- SmartSecure. SmartSecure creates an enterprise wide system at the airport to enhance security efficacy and operational efficiency through data exchange and artificial intelligence.

Our technologists are working closely with regulators and the aviation community to drive security checkpoints to frictionless screening- making possible a trebling of passenger throughput without any degradation of passenger or baggage screening. In order to get there we need to match the throughput of each component of the security ecosystem and reduce the decision time for security officers. To put this into context, the nominal throughput at the aviation checkpoint ranges between 140-150 passengers per hour, the challenge we face is to drive to 450 passengers per hour within the existing security lane footprint. Along with significant investment in R&D, we continue to adjust our product and technology roadmaps to lead the way in advancing aviation screening.

There has been an increase in passenger travel within the public aviation sector, opening a new market where terminals are retrofitted with new technologies to meet the new demand. Furthermore, with a huge increase of passenger volume in countries such as India and China, companies with high level technology and access to the markets through their brand will see a strong need for our equipment and our solutions.

We are going to build the future for our company by ensuring early engagement with government regulators, airport regulators and airlines. What we’re also seeing is customers coming to L3Harris to provide them with the most efficient overall solution regarding the layout of their checkpoint. This is a great direction moving forward allowing operations to be viewed holistically, to which we can provide a consultative support rather than a product list. Based on our long history of recorded data, we are able to model customer’s current or future environments. This allows us to create, trial and test different configurations to build the most efficient and effective checkpoint for each airports environment well before any final decisions are made.

The number of awards in regions such as China and India have really shown what the world thinks of L3Harris’ technology. We are really proud to have been selected to be a key supplier to the flagship Haneda airport in Tokyo, Japan for checkpoint and CT automation technology in advance of the major events taking place in 2020.

The next wave of innovation will be the increased capabilities of integrated solutions that drive ever higher insights from data, resulting in airport operating improvement and better passenger experience. At L3Harris we are consistently striving for improvement and we will try and put ourselves in the best position we possibly can in the future. The potential is there and we look forward to making the future a reality!