L3Harris Engineer Stories

by L3Harris Airline Solutions on 09/09/2019

At L3Harris we would like to highlight the importance of engineers across the company and their integral role in the ongoing success experienced by the business. Engineers are a fundamental part of our organization, and we wanted to share their unique stories.

Andrew Woods is based at the London Training Center in Crawley where he is currently working as an Undergraduate Placement Software Engineer. In this role he forms part of the Performance Simulation Group working on the company’s RealitySeven full flight simulators. Here’s what Andrew has to say about his role so far:

“I’ve been interested in aviation since I was very young, as I’ve grown older I have become increasingly interested in aircraft work, which led me into looking into a career in aerospace engineering. I have only been with L3Harris for two months, although I did work with the company last year for a different three month engineer placement. On a day to day basis I have been writing a new web based application which runs QTG tests for qualification of the simulators based on what the technician wants, and can also display the results to help identify any problems. Much of my time is spent adding features and running through the necessary debugging. I have also begun to get involved in UPRT updates which are taking place across a large number of our in-service simulators. The aspect of the role which I enjoy the most is app development, as I get a lot of freedom with how I write the program, and I can see tangible results. The most important skill I have developed since starting is the new programming languages, including C, C# and Fortran, all of which will be useful in my future.”

Chuck Manberg has been working in the aviation industry for the past 36 years, where he has helped develop surveillance, navigation and communication avionic systems. He has been with ACSS for 18 years supporting new business development and engineering in the deployment of surveillance and ADS-B systems for commercial aviation. Have a read about his journey so far:

“When I was young, I enjoyed studying math and science classes, and I had a particular fascination with the Apollo space program and the engineering feat to put a man on the moon. I ended up at ACSS, an L3Harris and Thales company, in 2001 and have been working as a Senior Staff Engineer and Technical Fellow. My primary focus is on surveillance products, including TCAS, TAWS, Transponder, and ADS-B. My role is exciting and inspiring because I have the opportunity to work directly with pilots and flight operations, developing new concepts and addressing airline and industry problems. This allows us to bring new technologies to the market providing safety and efficiency improvements to the aviation industry. I would say that I possess a passion for seeking knowledge of the aviation industry and applying technology to improve or solve customer’s operations/issues. My advice to others wanting to join the engineering profession is never stop learning or gaining knowledge. The more you learn, the more you realize there is much more to learn.”

Raymond Daniels joined L3Harris six years ago as part of his university placement year and is now working as a hardware engineer at the London Training Center. Here is what he has to say about his journey as an engineer:

“My interest in engineering has stemmed from a long fascination with Lego, theme parks and motorsport. Studying Aerospace Engineering at university grew my interest in aviation and aircraft, so I was then keen to join and contribute to the aviation industry. That is what led me on the path to becoming a hardware engineer at L3Harris. Since joining with the company I have been on the professional development scheme where I developed a large range of skills from many different areas of the company. Currently, on a day-to-day basis I look to create new designs for the simulators, whether that be some mechanical bracketry, installation drawings or complex control assemblies. One of my roles is looking after the motion systems on the full flight simulators to make sure there is no obsolescence issues or problems preventing key contract milestones. If there is, it’s my job to find a cost effective solution in a timely manner. The work here is definitely varied and I enjoy the fact that there is a different challenge every day. Each day is unique and a little bit different. Since working I have learnt that even the best plans can change and being prepared for change is essential. It’s important to be flexible and adapt in order to ensure you can deliver your solution and wildly exceed the customers’ expectations.”