L3Harris Internship Experience

by Jessica Weingast on 10/16/2019

“What about Phoenix?”, my father texted me on May 20th. He was referring to applying to a new summer internship position at L3Harris in Phoenix, Arizona. I instantly replied, “Wow! That would be cool!”, but little did I know it would actually become a reality for me. What seemed like a passing, distant idea became closer and closer to a daunting reality in the next coming week. That is when I realized perhaps an being a 21 year old having an internship living all alone in Phoenix Arizona for the summer wasn’t all that cool, but really terrifying. As someone who is always looking for a new adventure, I was surprised with myself when I was scared with committing to the internship. When I explained my hesitation to my father, he said that in order to be successful with anything in life, you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. That is when I realized I could not turn down such an amazing opportunity at L3Harris.

ACSS is a tight knit community that works efficiently and cooperatively like none other. As a lone student from Virginia, the ACSS community was welcoming and took me under their wing from the day I started my internship. I had the pleasure of working with the business development and marketing team. My team was positively eager to help me transition into the new workplace and find my niche and role as the intern. I was lucky to be working with such a coherent and insightful team for my first internship experience. Our team consisted of employees who were all hard-working, intelligent, creative, and most of all, passionate about L3Harris and the aviation community. It was an honor to be surrounded by people who loved their job and were so determined to contribute to the company in their best interests and efforts. I experienced first handedly how business development and marketing is so integrated and essential into the function of a business as a whole. My tasks consisted of the perfect balance of being new and challenging, all while being guided so I was not overwhelmed since it was my first experience in the business world. My mentor and director pushed me to my potential to put forth my best effort and work on all the assignments I was given.

My experience with L3Harris not only helped me grow to become ready for the post-grad business world, but it helped me grow as a person as well. It was a challenge to live on my own for the first time in a new state where I barely knew anyone before moving there. My experience pushed me to my workforce and personal growth limits in the best way possible. Although it was a challenge, it was the most rewarding summer of my life and it gave me invaluable experience and skills I would have never gotten through any other internship. I certainly took my father’s advice and pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and it was well worth it. After having this internship, I am more confident going into my senior year of college and applying to jobs this upcoming fall, and I feel more comfortable going into the workforce after I graduate. I am so grateful for my internship experience with L3Harris and I am looking forward to seeing where it takes me in the real world!