Lynx® Testimonials

by L3 Commercial Aviation on 11/06/2018

Proven around the world. Hear from pilots and their experience of using the L3 Lynx® ADS-B Transponder and Display Systems.

“I used the Lynx® NGT-9000 when I flew my Bonanza around the world in 2016 and use it on every local flight, as well. It provides color displays showing traffic, weather, lightning, NOTAMS and TFRs. The Lynx NGT-9000 is the highest-quality, most feature-rich unit available today.”

– Adrian Eichhorn, Pilot, 1962 P35 Bonanza
A320 Captain, JetBlue Airways

“Lynx® turns the invisible into the known.”

“I consider Lynx® to be flight-essential equipment. Lynx gives me eyes in the back and sides of my head, and I now have much better awareness of the aircraft that are around me. I am amazed at the number of aircraft that previously I just wasn’t aware of. The ability to “see” weather and AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) is like having long-range vision. Lynx turns the invisible into the known. Lynx gives me real information to make safe decisions.”

– Ted Klapka, Pilot, SOCATA Rallye
Director, Naval Aviation Liaison, L3 (Retired)
U.S. Navy Commander & Naval Flight Officer (Retired)

“After a substantial avionics refit, I was test flying our 182 with a new autopilot along with the avionics tech that did the work. We were trying to maintain outside awareness while at the same time evaluating the new avionics. I had commanded a turn with the autopilot and as the plane ro...lled into a turn, our Lynx NGT 9000+ gave me an aural warning about traffic. I immediately glanced at the Lynx, then looked outside and saw the traffic inside of two miles at the same altitude. Disconnecting the autopilot and descending allowed us to avoid a certain mid-air collision. The traffic screen on the Lynx gave me an accurate location of the traffic and I knew exactly where to look. It is comforting to have an extra set of eyes watching out for us.”

- Phillip S, Pilot, 1971 Cessna 182N

“...the best equipment for safety I have seen.”

“The NGT-9000 and the NGT-9000+ are the best equipment, not only great for ADS-B but the best equipment for safety I have seen. Being able to have traffic alone is worth the price, but also you get weather, with both displayed—not only on the NGT-9000, but also on my Aspen PFD-1000, which works perfectly with the NGT-9000. I like putting the transponder code in, then getting out of the way to display traffic on one side, then weather, along with METARS, temperatures and winds at altitude. I have had zero problems with the unit, but L3’s reputation is they stand behind their products. I couldn’t be more pleased with this addition to my cockpit.”

– Marshall Guthrie, Pilot, 1990 Mooney M20J (MSE)

“...the very best equipment I have added...”

“In my 40-plus years of flying, the L3 Lynx® NGT-9000 is the very best equipment I have added to my Cessna 206 airplane. Lynx’s ADS-B In capabilities provide me both traffic and weather-enhanced situational awareness and safety of flight in all phases of flight while transitioning through Class B, C and D airspace.”

–General Richard Cody, U.S. Army (Retired), Pilot, Cessna 206
Senior Vice President (Retired), L3 Technologies Washington Operations
Former Apache Pilot, U.S. Army