Marty Bailey: In the field

by Marty Bailey on 02/07/2020

I have enjoyed my 11 years of service at L3Harris as a Field Service Supervisor. I have had so many opportunities to learn and hone my skills as an engineer and have met some incredible people while traveling the world - all while getting paid for a job I love.

My role on a day-to-day basis involves managing the field service team, I ensure correctives are resolved and maintenance schedules are completed. I like to lead from the front meaning I’m very hands on and like to get stuck in with my team as much as possible. My team and I look after the security products used in the aviation industry as well as in the private sector. These include millimetre wave body scanners, hold and hand baggage screening x-ray machines and explosive trace detectors. We are also currently supporting a ClearScan trial within a major UK airport which allows liquids and electrical equipment to remain within in hand luggage.

My team’s job as field service engineers is to install, maintain and repair all products in L3Harris’ commercial security portfolio. My role is to ensure that the work we are doing is completed efficiently and adheres to targets while supplying a great customer service. Furthermore, I meet with customers regularly to discuss performance and improvements to their service. As a team, we are proud to be creating safer skies by providing highly advanced screening solutions to ensure no dangerous or prohibited items are taken on board aircraft. Our equipment ensures passengers feel safe and at ease, giving them the assurance that the aircraft will make it to its destination safely.

Before becoming a supervisor, I would often travel at short notice to support customers and would often work extended hours to ensure customer satisfaction. I have supported many projects in my 11 years at L3Harris but most notable would be the six weeks I spent at Jordan Airport supporting the build of their new terminal. This year I have been working closely with our sales teams on projects with the ProVision 2 body scanner, making customers aware of the device’s improved passenger throughput at the checkpoint.

I am a strong believer that customer service is critical as satisfied customers will have the utmost confidence in our products, and also trust that we are on hand to support with any service, maintenance, or other queries. We are aware that maintaining high levels of customer service is important for customer loyalty and therefore essential for business growth. We take this very seriously at L3Harris. The values I work towards for good customer service are trust, communication, respect and accountability. We work hard to ensure we provide the best service possible.

Working at L3Harris I have had the chance to develop my technical skills as well as evolving my leadership, communication and problem solving skills while working with the customer. I enjoy working at the company and look forward to see what the future brings.