Women In Aviation 2020: Andra Popescu

by Andra Popescu on 03/03/2020

Hello. I am Andra, a 24-year-old developer and technical lead, and have been with the company for almost two and half years. Mostly, my job involves writing Python code for our flight data monitoring service. We are rarely working on just one project at a time, which certainly makes things more interesting. Every feature is different and our systems are complex enough to keep you on your toes.

Not long before applying for university, my heart was set on becoming a biology teacher, with programming only sitting somewhere in the back of my mind. However, I thought that I would have a better career path if I chose a Computer Science degree, so I just did that, but I am definitely glad I went down that path. When I came across this job after graduating the fact that we are working towards making aviation safer was definitely a big incentive for me.

Most of my work has been on our statistics platform and I’ve been enjoying witnessing our analysts use it. Ultimately, it is all about identifying trends and preventing incidents from happening. I enjoy the diversity of tasks and features I get to develop. The working environment is also a big plus! We have a really good team, everyone’s very friendly and helpful so I know I can get help if I need to and we have a similar sense of humour, so the general atmosphere is really nice.

There are a few skills you need for this role. You also need to have a critical and logical way of thinking, do not underestimate Maths (even though I do not use Maths a lot, it helped me form the way my mind works now) and be keen to read about the constant developments for your tools and programming languages. However, if you are able to learn the syntax for a programming language and a couple of algorithms that does not mean you are a good developer. I think you need to be a creative thinker as well which allows you to combine and make use of all your knowledge, in order to come up with the best solution for the problem at hand. All painters have the same tools, but all their paintings are different. I hope that you will agree that none of these skills are held only by men or women!

My advice for the women looking to do what I do would be to come and join us! Ask questions to those already in the role and allow yourself to get creative and take chances every now and then.