Women In Aviation 2020: Honour Black

by Honour Black on 03/05/2020

Hi, my name is Honour Black and I am a Junior Data Analyst at L3Harris. At University, I studied Population Geography, and my modules primarily focused on stat based topics and it was this that sparked my interest in the analytics field. I really enjoyed studying people and how humans impact the environment. In the role now, it is great to be able to work with numbers and help people look for trends in aircraft data.

For my day-to-day job I create reports for our airline/operator customers, mainly for investigations into events. For example, one report I have done recently was for broken flap rollers and seeing what speed the aircraft was travelling at when changing the flaps. I also create and manage monthly reports for different customers and one main report made available for all the customers.

I love my job at L3Harris because some of the reports I am responsible for allow operators to see if the flights are complying with their safety standards. My reports also allow operators to see their data first hand along with graphs so they can visually assess trends and, ultimately, prevent incidents happening in the future.

As a woman in the aviation industry I haven’t faced any major challenges. I did find that some customers will email my colleagues with questions rather than email me as I am the only female in my department. However, I don’t think much of it and attribute it to confusion with what my job role actually is as opposed to because the other three colleagues are male. For any women thinking about following the same path as me I would recommend taking courses to help improve your programming knowledge, even if it is just a basic knowledge. Knowing as much as you can early will really help you progress faster in the right direction.