Support policy


1. CTS’ support organisation is responsible for all in-service support and upgrade requirements for CTS hardware and software products

2. The Buyer shall at all times maintain a team of qualified technicians capable of carrying out preventative and corrective maintenance in accordance with CTS and/or the relevant OEM’s technical documentation and ensuring that device is kept current with any regulatory authority requirements, as applicable.

3. Use of CTS’ in-service support solutions shall be subject to CTS’ Standard Conditions of Sale and shall be chargeable at CTS’ standard support rates.


4. CTS’ provides a twenty-four (24) hours a day/seven (7) days a week manned service for notification of all defects which rendered the training devices totally unusable for training.

5. CTS’ SLS Hotline is +44 (0)20 8398 3221.

6. The Buyer will be required to provide all pertinent information to allow the matter to be routed to the applicable SME for resolution.

7. In the event that it is identified that a spare is required a spares request should be raised directly via the SLS web store and not the SLS Hotline.

8. Use of the SLS hotline may attract a usage fee.


9. Buyer shall raise Service Tickets via CTS’ online support portal for all:
a. Technical queries; and
b. Upgrade requests.

10. Buyer shall provide all applicable details in the Service Ticket including, as applicable:
a. device details; and
b. evidence of incorrect system behaviour; and
c. Snapshot file(s); and
d. Screenshots; and
e. any files created by the flight training device’s discrepancy reporting utility; and
f. details of any troubleshooting activities that have been undertaken and the outcome of these; and
g. the Buyer’s maintenance logs and records; and
h. Navigation database files and configuration files.

11. Each Service Ticket will be reviewed and either:
a. a request for additional information made to the Buyer to assist with initial fault finding or in relation to current status of device to be updated;
b. provide an upgrade proposal; or
c. assign the Service Ticket to the applicable SME for further investigation.


12. Resolution of Technical Queries shall be chargeable in accordance with CTS’ fixed price Technical Query fees ( and work to resolve Technical Queries will not commence until CTS has received written confirmation of the Buyer’s acceptance of the fees.

13. Technical Queries shall be reproducible by CTS and in the event that CTS is unable to reproduce the defect giving rise to a Technical Query then CTS shall have no liability in respect of rectification until such time as the defect can be reproduced.

14. In the event that Technical Query relates to OEM data CTS will manage on behalf of the Buyer directly with the relevant OEM and the Buyer acknowledges and accepts that :
a. CTS shall have no liability for rectification of OEM defects;
b. availability of an OEM fix may be subject to the release by the relevant OEM of its latest version release and/or the purchase by the Buyer of additional data licences or hardware.


15. CTS shall be under no obligation to deliver an upgrade until and unless the Buyer has provided written confirmation of its acceptance of the applicable repair or upgrade proposal.


16. Spares, repairs and replacement parts shall be managed via the SLS web store.

17. Goods offered for sale via the SLS web store are offered in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) and to the extent that any goods are described as used, refurbished and/or untested such goods are sold “as is” and CTS makes no representations and gives no warranties as to the quality, condition, state or description of the goods, or their fitness or suitability for any purpose.

18. CTS’ liability in respect of such Goods shall be limited to replacement of faulty goods or refund of purchase price in accordance with the Act.

19. The Buyer shall exclusively order all spares, repairs, replacement parts and STTE required for the maintenance and repair of a device from CTS for a period of fifteen (15) years from initial certification of the device. CTS agrees to use all reasonable endeavours to promptly supply such spares, repairs, replacement parts and STTE but in the event that an item is found to be obsolete or not available, CTS shall, at the Buyer's request, propose alternative options to the Buyer via the CTS online support portal.


20. The Buyer shall be responsible for implementing and validating any CTS Field Service Bulletins in respect of any mandatory requirements.

21. For the avoidance of doubt, CTS shall not be liable for any losses, damages or impairments due to failure by the Buyer to implement any Field Service Bulletins.


22. CTS shall provide one (1) technical visit of five (5) Business Days to the Buyer’s Site to support the Buyer’s first annual re-certification of the Equipment.

23. CTS’s technical visit shall be subject to Buyer providing CTS with current QTG and details of all current Defects and/or deficiencies in the Equipment no later than thirty (30) days prior to the proposed date of technical visit.