Securing your first Airline Pilot role.

Pilot Career Opportunities & Airline Placements

From the moment you learn how to become a commercial pilot with L3Harris Airline Academy, our focus is on your career opportunities as a pilot: achieving your first job as a Co-Pilot with a world-class airline. The advantages of being a pilot are endless, from travelling the world, benefits for you and the whole family to challenging yourself daily and constantly learning.

As an aspiring commercial airline pilot, your career in aviation will begin once you have secured your licence. You’ll initially start your career as a First Officer, second-in-command to the airline Captain who has overall responsibility for the flight and the safety of both crew and passengers onboard.

Once you gain greater experience and complete more flying hours, you’ll progress into the role of a Senior First Officer where any flying limitations begin to be lifted.

After gaining further substantial experience as a Senior First Officer, you can consider applying for a Captains role or look to progress your pilot career further by flying for a larger aircraft.

Our L3Harris pilot training is designed to fully prepare you for the incredible airline pilot career that lies ahead by focusing on three keyword elements: uniforms, report times and Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs).

With more than 29 years heritage in pilot training and a dedicated placement team to secure your role as a pilot, you couldn’t be in safer hands than with L3Harris Airline Academy. We pride ourselves on securing a 95% pass rate and placing 370 UK graduates in Co-Pilot roles with 21 global airlines.

Airline relationships

L3Harris Airline Academy is unrivaled in our ability to secure airline placement opportunities for our pilot graduates with some of the world's best known airlines. A unique strength of ours is the significant commitment we give to developing global airline relationships and spending time to understand their staffing and training requirements, in order to enable and further your Airline Pilot career.

Airline relationships
Airlines we work with

We are proud of our strong and long-lasting airline relationships. Impressed by our commitment to excellence and the quality of our selection, European flight training and pilots, the number of airlines recruiting our graduates is forever growing. Just a few of the airlines we work with around the globe and those which our cadets could secure Pilot careers with include British Airways, easyJet, Icelandair, IndiGo, Royal Brunei, Ryanair, TAP, Turkish and Wizz Air.

Airline placement terms

L3Harris Airline Academy provides eligible individuals with opportunities for placement with an airline through our EASA pilot courses, but makes no guarantee or warranty that an airline placement will be obtained. Airline placement opportunities are subject to airline's pilot requirements and eligibility criteria which may be updated or amended by the airline at any time and without prior notice.

    EASA Career Opportunities FAQs

  • What are my responsibilities as a commercial airline pilot?

      As a commercial airline pilot you have a number of responsibilities, which could include but not be limited to:

      • Gather information about the route, weather, passengers and aircraft
      • Utilising the above information to create a flight plan, this should include details of flight altitude, route and fuel requirements, and should then be submitted to air traffic control
      • Check the overall condition of the aircraft and that the safety systems are working properly before and after every flight
      • Conduct pre-flight checks on the navigation and operating system
      • Communicate with air traffic control before take-off, during the flight and landing
      • Monitor and conduct regular checks on the engines, aircraft systems, fuel consumption and weather conditions
      • Brief the cabin crew before and during the flight
      • Communicate flight updates with passengers
  • What salary could I expect to be on as an airline pilot?

      Airline pilots generally have an attractive salary, however, your exact salary will depend on the airline, the type of aircraft and your experience.

      Starting salaries for newly qualified first officers can be anywhere between £22,000 to £28,00 depending on the size of the airline.

      Salaries for more experienced first officers can range from £36,000 to £48,000.

      Whereas, the starting salary for a captain can vary between £57,000 to more than £140,000.

      For more information, please read our guide to pilot salaries in the UK.

      Pilot salaries in the UK

  • What skills and qualifications do I need to become a pilot?

      To become a pilot you will need to hold an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).

      You will need a minimum of five GCSEs and two A-levels to begin your pilot training. There are a number of ways to complete your pilot training, however, the two most common routes to securing your ATPL, including completing either an Integrated ATPL course or a Modular ATPL course.

      Find out if you have the qualifications needed to be a pilot.

      For more information, click the link below to explore our EASA approved pilot training courses.

      EASA approved pilot training courses

      In terms of the skills you may need to become a pilot, it would be preferable if you:

      • Have a good understanding of maths and physics
      • The ability to understand technical information
      • Good communication skills to communicate with colleagues and passengers
      • The ability to work as a team and carry yourself as a leader
      • Have good problem-solving skills to remain calm whilst making difficult decisions
      • Excellent spatial awareness and coordination skills
  • Who could I become a pilot for?

      There are many commercial airlines both in the UK and the rest of the world which you could become a pilot for. These include but are not limited to:

      • British Airways
      • EasyJet
      • WizzAir
      • Jet2
      • Ryanair
      • TUI Group
      • Oman Air
      • TAP Air Portugal
Why L3Harris Airline Academy?
40+ years heritage in pilot training
40+ years heritage in pilot training

5 global Academy locations
5 global Academy locations

Dedicated graduate placement team to assist finding your pilot role
Dedicated graduate placement team to assist finding your pilot role

95% first time pass rate on Ground School exams
95% first time pass rate on Ground School exams