Our aviation ground school in Crawley in the UK boasts state of the art facilities to help launch your career as a pilot.

Commercial Pilot Ground Training

Commercial ground school training is a vital element of becoming a pilot and kick starts your EASA approved pilot training.

Ground school and flight school are two of the major components of pilot training. During ground school training, you will learn the theoretical elements of training, without this you will not be able to move on to your flight school training which equips cadets with the practical skills to be a competent pilot.

At L3Harris Airline Academy, cadets will complete their commercial pilot ground training here in the UK at our London Training Centre near Gatwick or in Ponte de Sor, Portugal.

What is ground school training?

Ground School is an essential element of pilot training as it provides cadets with the theoretical knowledge needed to progress to flight training..

There are two routes in which cadets can complete their ground school training:
Integrated ATPL programme

The Integrated ATPL programme is the most direct route to becoming a commercial airline pilot. All integrated ATPL courses begin with 6 months of basic training at ground school, which consists of 13 ATPL Theoretical Knowledge subjects. On successful completion of ground school and after passing 13 theoretical knowledge exams cadets progress to flight training.

Cadets that study via an integrated ATPL route will not need a PPL (Private Pilots License) to start training but will need to meet the entry criteria found here.

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Modular ATPL programme

Modular ATPL offers greater flexibility as training is broken down into more ‘bite-size chunks’. Cadets are able to train in their own time and work in between modules if needed to raise funds for further training.  Via the Modular ATPL route cadets have the option to complete ground school training in two ways:

Classroom-based Theoretical Knowledge

Full-time ATPL theoretical knowledge alongside integrated ATPL students at our state-of-the-art London Training Centre facility in Crawley, near London Gatwick airport. Daily classes with our world-class Theoretical Knowledge Instructors many of whom are ex-pilots with thousands of years of combined aviation experience.

The theoretical knowledge study can be completed on a full time course, approximately 28 weeks of classroom and computer based training.

Cost = £6,950

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Distance-learning Theoretical Knowledge

Distance Learning comprises predominantly of distance learning with some classroom sessions, which is split into three modules. This allows cadets to focus on one-third of the subjects at a time while building and applying knowledge. Each module is mapped out in a study guide and consists of reading assignments from our iPad iBooks, course tests and ground school days. After successfully completing a module you will take the corresponding CAA exams. Our trainees receive an all-round pilot education throughout the course, fully compliant with the latest EASA Learning Objectives and syllabus including area 100 KSA.

Cost = £2,400

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Aviation Ground School Facilities

Ground school in the United Kingdom is run out of our London Training Centre (LTC) near London Gatwick airport. The LTC is a brand new purpose-built training hub that boasts a suite of specialist Computer-Based Training (CBT) classrooms, briefing rooms and Virtual Flight Deck units as well as a restaurant and self-study zones. The LTC also houses the very latest Full Flight Simulators and fixed-base simulators for advanced phases of training.

London Training Centre near Gatwick, United Kingdom

  • ATPL theoretical knowledge training
  • Classrooms and briefing rooms
  • Full-flight and fixed-base simulators
  • Restaurant
  • Self-study zones
  • Virtual flight deck units
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Why L3Harris Airline Academy?
40+ years heritage in pilot training
40+ years heritage in pilot training

5 global Academy locations
5 global Academy locations

Dedicated graduate placement team to assist finding your pilot role
Dedicated graduate placement team to assist finding your pilot role

Excellent first time pass rate on Ground School exams
Excellent first time pass rate on Ground School exams