Classroom-based and simulator training.

EASA Ground training

The ground training facilities for our EASA cadets are based at our London Training Centre near Gatwick in the United Kingdom, and Hamilton in New Zealand.

Global EASA ground facilities

All of L3Harris Airline Academy's global ground school locations boast state-of-the-art facilities.

If you undertake an EASA course in the United Kingdom you will begin with ground school training in the London Training Centre (LTC) near Gatwick. The LTC has a suite of specialist Computer-Based Training (CBT) classrooms, briefing rooms and Virtual Flight Deck units as well as a restaurant and self-study zones. The LTC also houses Full Flight Simulators and fixed-base simulators for advanced phases of training.

Our Hamilton, New Zealand, base is used for flight and ground training. Besides a modern fleet of aircraft, it has two FNPTII Fixed Base Simulators.

Global EASA ground facilities

London Training Centre near Gatwick, United Kingdom

  • ATPL theoretical knowledge training
  • Classrooms and briefing rooms
  • Full-flight and fixed-base simulators
  • Restaurant
  • Self-study zones
  • Virtual flight deck units

Hamilton, New Zealand

  • Classrooms and briefing rooms
  • Flight simulator
  • Recreational areas