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Airline Pilot Training Funding & Finance

For many aspiring commercial airline pilots, the greatest barrier to becoming a pilot is securing the funding for pilot training. We are committed to ever-widening access to pilot training for those who demonstrate the talent, passion and motivation to become a pilot.

We recognise pilot training is a large investment, however, our course costs are a reflection of the quality training and cutting edge facilities at L3Harris. Cadets can expect to receive unparalleled training from industry renowned instructors, as well as access to our airline Graduate Placement Pool to help secure your role as a First Officer.

Not forgetting the incredible benefits and the future that lies ahead of you as a pilot, from an attractive salary and having an office above the clouds, to making life-long friendships around the globe.

We are unable to offer airline pilot funding advice; the majority of our pilot training courses are self-funded by way of either savings or a loan secured against a UK property.

We would suggest that potential candidates speak with their families and a variety of banks, lenders and independent financial advisers who will be best placed to discuss the finance and funding solutions available for pilot training.

Ways to fund your pilot training

The AIR Scholarship

As the airline industry emerges from the global downturn, L3Harris is showing its commitment to aspiring pilots by launching the Pilot Pathways Aviation Industry Recovery (AIR) Scholarship.

The past 18 months have been tough, especially for the aviation sector, and we want to help future aviators fulfil their dreams of a rewarding career on the flight deck, by launching the L3Harris Pilot Pathways AIR Scholarships – the total scholarship fund is £30,000 and offers cadets the opportunity to receive up to £10,000 towards the cost of Integrated ATPL training.

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Finance for pilot training

There are a number of finance specialists and providers who offer loans and finance for pilot training. Pegasus Personal Finance and Sure Aviation are just two examples of companies offering pilot training finance and loans to help you embark on your career as a pilot.

Loans for pilot training

One way to secure airline pilot training funding is via a secured loan from a UK bank typically against a property.

This route is appropriate if individuals who are responsible for proving the funding have a property which is valued at £150,000 or more. In most instances, banks will only lend up to approximately 60% of the property’s value.

Saving for pilot training

One of the most common solutions to secure funding for pilot training is through savings or inheritance.

We understand the inheritance or finances students have managed to save over a period of time might still not be enough to cover the course costs of an Integrated ATPL training programme. However, with our Modular ATPL course, cadets have the ability to kick-start their training and earn money in between modules to build enough funds for the next part of the course.

Help from your family

Receiving financial help from family members - whether it be parents or grandparents - is another common solution to funding your pilot training.

While it can be a big ask from your parents, it is a valuable investment into your future career as a pilot.

Once you have completed your pilot training and obtained your ATPL, you can begin earning as soon as you qualify. The starting salary for newly qualified First Officers is typically above the average starting salary for a University graduate. You can expect to earn anywhere between £22,000 to £28,000, depending on the Airline.

Salaries for commercial airline pilots consistently perform as one of the highest earning careers.

Pilot salaries in the UK
Pay as you train

An alternative way to funding your pilot training all in one go, would be to enrol on our modular ATPL training programme. The modular approach enables you to train to become a commercial airline pilot in your own time and at your own pace meaning you simply pay for the licences and ratings as you go.

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Why L3Harris Airline Academy?
40+ years heritage in pilot training
40+ years heritage in pilot training

5 global Academy locations
5 global Academy locations

Dedicated graduate placement team to assist finding your pilot role
Dedicated graduate placement team to assist finding your pilot role

Excellent first time pass rate on Ground School exams
Excellent first time pass rate on Ground School exams