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Airline Qualification Course (AQC)

For newly qualified and licensed commercial pilots, achieving a first Airline Pilot role can be challenging and needs careful preparation and support. Our Airline Qualification Course (AQC) gives you access to an incredible range of Co-Pilot opportunities.

Airline Qualification Course delivered on Boeing or Airbus simulators including two days of technical ground school, initial Crew Resource Management training and 36 hours of fixed-base simulator training.

Our Airline Qualification Course (AQC) is widely accepted by airlines as an industry standard for new pilots at entry level. It is an enhanced course based around the principles of Crew Resource Management (CRM), Multi-Crew Coorporation (MCC) and Jet Orientation Training (JOT), providing the necessary qualifications required to progress to a type rating course as well as "grounding" the individuals in an airline's expectation of procedure, process and behavior.

Those meeting the required standard on completion of training will be put forward for Co-Pilot placement opportunities. Please be aware that airlines have differing eligibility requirements.

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  • Status: Full-time
  • Duration: 3 weeks, subject to scheduling
  • Type: Airline preparation
  • Experience: Licensed Pilot
  • Employment: Dedicated graduate placement service
  • Locations: United Kingdom
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Key Features
  • Unrivaled airline opportunities
  • Selection and assessment preparation
  • Interview skills
  • CV and covering letter completion guidance
  • Training record summary
  • Simulator refresher option available
  • Course training videos
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
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Entry criteria

To qualify for this course, you must meet the following criteria. Subject to meeting L3Harris and airline placement standards, successful graduates of the AQC will earn a place in our pilot database and be put forward for appropriate airline opportunities as they arise.


Hold a current EASA MEIR with passes in both the IR and CPL skills test.

Have passed all 14 ATPL Theoretical Knowledge exams with no more than 5 resits across the 14 exams.

No more than 20 additional hours though out training.

Education and English language

Be fluent in English (verbal and written).i


Hold a current EASA unrestricted Class 1 Medical.


Have the unrestricted right to live and work in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland for European airline opportunities.


Produce a CRC (Criminal Record Check) Basic Disclosure Certificate before training can commence.

Please note

Pilots who have undertaken type ratings on aircraft with MTOW of more than 10 tons are not eligible for this programme.

Cost and funding

Reduced rate of £5,699 plus VAT.

Discount of over £1,000 off our standard rate.

Contact our Customer Business Team for more details, or Apply Now.

Additional fees

  • L3Harris selection fee (discounted off course price on successful completion of Selection and course booking)
  • Initial Class 1 Medical and renewal fees
  • Medical, life and personal property insurances
  • English language testing (where applicable)
  • B&B accommodation
  • Food, living expenses and travel to and from training

Additional options

Simulator refresher: For those who have taken a break in their training, L3Harris recommends completing a refresher before enrolling on your course.

Simulator refresher is not required to commence training; however, depending on your training history, the L3Harris selection team may recommend a refresher package to enhance your ability to finish the course to the required standard and unlock airline placement opportunities.

We can arrange an all-inclusive package to include accommodation and dinner bed and breakfast options.

AQC overview
Ground school
Ground school

The course includes two days of technical ground school.

Simulator training
Simulator training

There will be 36 hours of fixed-base simulator training.

Airline placement
Airline placement

The AQC prepares you for type rating training and future placement with an airline.

Interpersonal skills

The development of interpersonal or non-technical skills is very much the focus of the course and pilots will find these skills of use not only in their forthcoming career, but also in life generally. It is essential that they develop these skills while coping with all the demands of IFR and commercial procedures.

What to expect from selection

Technical assessment

You will be required to sit the full suite of aptitude tests designed by our partner Cut-e. These ability tests are directly aligned and related to the key aptitude indicators required of a commercial airline pilot’s competencies. The test is comprised of six elements which include the two verifier assessments which are sat at the online stage. The whole technical test will take around 45 minutes to complete which includes a briefing.

For further information about our Cut-e assessments and to try some example aptitude tests, please visit the Cut-e website.

Areas assessed using Cut-e

  • Spatial orientation
  • Complex control
  • Reaction speed
  • Monitoring ability
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Applied numeracy (with calculator)

Non-technical assessment

During the day you will be invited to complete a group activity exercise allowing you to demonstrate your interpersonal skills and qualities.

These exercises are designed to encourage discussion and debate from all team members and are often based around fictional scenarios. You will be required to read through relevant briefing information and adapt to changing goals. Remember to get involved; the assessors can only comment on what they see.

Once all elements of the morning session are complete you will be able to take a lunch break – lunch is provided for you.

Non-technical skill

  • Communication
  • Team working
  • Leadership
  • Situation awareness
  • Decision making & problem solving


The interview is conducted on a one-to-one basis and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. During the interview we are looking to get to know you better and understand some of your past experiences. This is a competency or evidence-based interview and you will be required to provide recent and relevant answers.

Key areas of focus

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Commercial awareness
  • Leadership (potential)
  • Team work & cooperation
  • Decision making & problem solving skills
  • Workload management, resilience & standards

Further airline assessment

You may be required to complete a further assessment with the airline or our team may conduct this on behalf of the airline. This will vary depending on specific airline requirements but could include further technical tests and interviews.

If you apply to an airline and you are invited to attend a selection event, full details of the process will be provided by our team.

How to prepare

Airline placement

Unrivaled airline placement opportunities

Our AQC is designed to select, train and prepare qualified professional pilots with a variety of flying experiences from EASA Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) and operators to become eligible for aircraft type rating training and Co-Pilot placement with one of our growing number of Airline Relationships, including British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, Royal Brunei, Wizz Air, TAP Portugal and Turkish Airlines.

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Why L3Harris Airline Academy?
29 years heritage in pilot training
29 years heritage in pilot training

7 global Academy locations
7 global Academy locations

Dedicated graduate placement team to secure your pilot role
Dedicated graduate placement team to secure your pilot role

95% of our 2019 graduates already working as Co-Pilots for 22 commercial airlines
95% of our 2019 graduates already working as Co-Pilots for 22 commercial airlines