Pilot training at your own pace.

ATPL Theoretical Knowledge (Classroom-Based)

Our ATPL Theoretical Knowledge study is designed to equip you with a solid foundation to achieve excellent exam results and ultimately, enable you to progress from ground school training to basic, intermediate and advanced flight training.

Your ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training can be completed as a full-time course, with approximately 28 weeks of classroom and computer-based training, where you will receive industry-leading= tuition from highly skilled and respected instructors, alongside guided computer-based study.

The course is broken down into manageable subject areas, and includes the regulatory exams required for the issue of a licence.

ATPL Theoretical Knowledge course summary
  • Cost: £6,950
  • Duration: 28 weeks (subject to scheduling)
  • Type: UK CAA or EASA certification
  • Required Experience: PPL
  • Location: London Training Centre, Crawley

Graduate qualifications: 

  • ATPL Exam Certifications
  • Contact our team for enrollment details

ATPL Theoretical Knowledge course footprint

Theoretical Knowledge training - Classroom-based learning: 

  1. Mass and Balance
  2. Performance
  3. Flight Planning
  4. Air Law
  5. Aircraft General Knowledge
  6. Instrumentation
  7. Human Performance
  8. Meteorology
  9. General Navigation
  10. Radio Navigation
  11. Operational Procedures
  12. Principles of Flight
  13. Communications
United Kingdom


Basic Training (Ground School)


28 weeks (subject to scheduling)

Selection process onto the ATPL Theoretical Knowledge course

Application screening
Application screening

Your application will be screened by our selection team who will contact you if you pass our screening.

Selection day
Selection day

Providing your application passes our screening process you will then be invited to your selection day which will consist of an Interview conducted via Zoom.

ATPL Theoretical Knowledge course costs

Cost: £6,950

What’s included in the price?

  • Full-time ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training
  • Includes the first attempt at ATPL examinations

 Additional costs to consider:

  • Selection fee: Free of charge until the end of 2021
  • Accommodation can be purchased via L3Harris or sourced independently
  • UK CAA / EASA retest fees (if required)
  • Food and living expenses
  • Transport to our Airline Academies
  • Hold a valid unrestricted Class 1 Medical (prerequisite to the course)

Sourcing funding

L3Harris is unable to provide financial advice. It is worth looking at your existing banking provider or other local banks and building societies for products that might be available to you. You could also speak to an Independent Financial Advisor who may be able to point you in the right direction.

    ATPL Theoretical Knowledge course FAQs

  • Is the ATPL Theory hard?

      Naturally, some cadets will find ATPL Theory examinations more difficult than others. Cadets are required to achieve at least 75% in all 14 examinations.

      Our Ground School training at L3Harris Airline Academy is delivered by experienced, expert Flight Instructors that are committed to providing an unparalleled level of pilot training to ensure cadets achieve excellent exam results.

  • How long is the ATPL theory?

      In total, your ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training will take approximately 28 weeks to complete.

      The time provided for each exam varies from exam to exam. You can expect:

      1. Mass and Balance = 1hr 15mins
      2. Performances = 2hrs
      3. Flight Planning 2hrs
      4. Air Law = 1hr
      5. Aircraft General Knowledge = 2hrs
      6. Instrumentation = 1hr 30mins
      7. Human Performance = 1hr 30mins
      8. Meteorology = 2hrs
      9. General Navigation = 2hrs 15mins
      10. Radio Navigation = 1hr 30mins
      11. Operational Procedures = 1hr 15mins
      12. Principles of Flight = 1hr 30mins
      13. VFR Communications = 30mins
      14. IFR Communications = 30mins
  • What are my funding options for the ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training?
  • Where will my ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training take place?

      Your ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training will take place at our London Training Centre in Crawley, United Kingdom.

      Cadets will have access to classrooms and study zones fitted with the latest interactive display screens and an auditorium for group learning sessions.

      London Training Centre in Crawley, United Kingdom