An approved distance learning programme from our London Gatwick Training Centre in the United Kingdom.

ATPL Theory E-Learning

This flight school course is an approved distance learning programme that includes interactive video, slide and tape presentations and computer-based training, with formal class tuition, allowing a student to receive all the necessary knowledge to complete the exams in the 14 ATPL subjects.

Our unique training philosophy aims not only to achieve excellent exam results, but more importantly, to produce professional pilot whose knowledge stays within them throughout their careers.






How Distance Learning Works

The L3Harris ATPL Distance Learning course compromises distance learning and classroom sessions split into three modules.

Our 3-module system lets you focus on only one third of the subjects at a time, while building and applying your knowledge. Three modules also make the exam days less daunting.

Each module is mapped out in a study guide and consists of reading assignments from our iPad ibooks, course tests and ground school days. After successfully completing a module you will take the corresponding CAA exams.

Our trainees receive an all-round pilot education throughout the course, fully compliant with the latest UK CAA or EASA Learning Objectives and syllabus including area 100 KSA.


Module 1

Location: Gatwick

Classroom tuition: 4 days

  1. 081 Principles of Flight
  2. 050 Meteorology 4 days
  3. 021 Aircraft General Knowledge
Module 2

Location: Gatwick

Classroom tuition: 4 days

  1. 061 General Navigation
  2. 031 Mass & Balance
  3. 040 Human Performance & Limitations
  4. 022 Instrumentation
  5. 032 Aeroplane Performance
Module 3

Location: Gatwick

Classroom tuition: 3 days

  1. 070 Operational Procedures
  2. 062 Radio Navigation
  3. 033 Flight Planning
  4. 010 Air Law
  5. 090 Communications
Application requirements

To apply for the L3Harris Distance Learning Course you will need:

  • To hold at least a PPL(A)
  • Meet all the necessary requirements of a Class 1 Medical
Course Costs

The fee for the L3Harris Distance Learning Course is £2,400. For more information on course costs, please read our guide to pilot training costs.

Additional costs:

  • Selection fee: Free of charge until July 2021
  • Accommodation, if required, during the classroom study days.
  • All ATPL Theory Examinations
  • Any additional ATPL ground school tuition
  • iPad
  • CRP5 Navigation Computer
  • Jeppesen General Student Pilot Route Manual
  • Protractor, Navigation Ruler, Compass and dividers
  • CAA Approved Scientific Calculator

Selection process

Selection is mandatory and consists of technical and non-technical elements. The technical elements will test skills such as numeracy and aptitude and the non-technical is a Zoom interview. If you are a PPL holder you will not be required to sit the technical elements (subject to logbook review by our Selection team), but you will still have to attend a Zoom interview.

Application screening
Application screening

Your application will be screened by our selection team who will contact you if you pass our screening.

Selection day
Selection day

Providing your application passes our screening process you will then be invited to your selection day which will consist of an Interview conducted via Zoom.

Why L3Harris Airline Academy?

L3Harris is a global professional pilot training and resourcing company delivering innovative solutions in true partnership with our customers.

We provide a wide range of aviation services – from ab initio trainee pilot selection, training and airline placement, to the more advanced selection training and provisioning requirements for experienced pilots, instructors and examiners.

Fantastic exam results
Fantastic exam results

Innovative interactive learning made simple
Innovative interactive learning made simple

Professional development programme
Professional development programme

Unparalleled student support
Unparalleled student support