This course is currently closed and we are not accepting new applications at this time.

BSc (Hons) Professional Aviation Pilot Practice

This course is currently closed and we are not accepting new applications at this time.

Enhance your career programme with the BSc Hons Professional Aviation Pilot Practice from Middlesex University, United Kingdom.

Those who enroll in the Integrated ATPL Airline Pilot Career Programme have the opportunity to combine an industry-endorsed degree with their professional flight school training. It is also possible to integrate the degree into selected Airline Programmes.

As you progress through the course all aspects of your pilot training experience will count towards your degree. The programme will also enable you to develop higher-level knowledge, understanding and skills in preparation to become a professional Pilot.

This time-efficient degree eliminates the need to attend a university campus and you'll gain two professional qualifications (license and degree) within three years.


  • Status: Full-time
  • Duration: Approximately 3 years, subject to scheduling
  • Type: ATPL + BSc (Hons)
  • Required experience: Little or none
  • Employment: Dedicated graduate placement service
  • Locations: United Kingdom / global academies

Learn as you earn

In your final year of the degree programme you'll learn while you earn as a Co-Pilot with an airline, subject to placement. Specifically tailored to suit professional aviation industry needs, the degree modules will prepare you for responsibilities in and beyond the flight deck and could put you at the leading edge of your career trajectory into management and training management within the airline industry.


Applicants must meet entry criteria for the Integrated ATPL or selected Airline pilot career programme to which they have applied, plus:


Have at least two 'A' level passes, or equivalent academic qualifications (equivalent to a minimum of 64 UCAS points).

Have not previously completed an undergraduate degree.

Find more information on what qualifications you need to become a pilot here.

Why a degree?

An internationally recognised degree qualification for your vocational airline pilot training.


Additional training and education modules to benefit and enhance your flying career.

Student loan
Student loan

Access to the United Kingdom government student loan system (subject to meeting qualifying requirements).

Cost and funding

The £113,750 fee comprises:

  • £27,750 payable directly to Middlesex University
  • £86,000 Integrated ATPL payable to L3Harris

Further details

  • Over the three-year period £14,725 will be credited to the cadet by L3Harris to offset the flight training funding requirements.
  • Example:
    Integrated ATPL £86,000
    Tuition Fees £27,750
    Total £113,750
    Credited to cadet - £14,725
    Total £99,025

Sourcing funding

Selecting to integrate this degree into your training may unlock potential access to financial support from Student Finance England to cover the cost of the course and maintenance loans. This may be used to fund part of your career programme or living costs during training. For more information, please read about our pilot training funding.

*If you have previously completed an undergraduate degree you will not be eligible for funding.

How to enrol

Apply to your chosen Integrated ATPL or Airline career programme online.

On your application form, please check off the box to indicate your interest in adding a degree to your training.

If your application is successful you will be invited to attend a selection day.

If you are successful through the selection process you will be invited to enrol in a Career Programme and will be required to submit a separate application to Middlesex University.

Detailed below is an example course outline of assessments – either as part of your ATPL syllabus or as additional assignments – that will contribute towards your degree.

Year One – Level 4

Completed during L3Harris Theoretical Knowledge Training

Assessed through the 14 CAA ATPL ground school exams, which are encapsulated in four-degree modules. Students are also expected to keep an online learning journal to record and reflect on progress and to help prepare for Level 5.

Year Two – Level 5

Completed alongside Foundation Flight Training and Commercial and Instrument Flight Training.

Assessed through four Middlesex University modules that focus on flight training, through to issue of your Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Instrument Rating. During your L3Harris Basic and Intermediate flight training phases you will also be required to produce:

  • Three 1,500-word reflective reports on your flying experiences
  • One larger portfolio and reflective commentary on learning gained from pilot training plus a 5 minute presentation
Year Three – Level 6

Completed once placed with an airline by our dedicate Graduate Placement team, alongside airline Type-Specific Training and Line Flying.

There are four work-based modules in the final year. Module assessments will be varied and dependent on the airline with which you are placed. The assessment will always be practice-based and agreed upon by Middlesex University and your airline employer.