Docendo Discimus 'By teaching, we learn' (Latin proverb).

Pilot Training with Job Placement

The FAA requires all pilots to fly 1,500 hours before they can earn their Airline Transport Pilot Certificate to fly for an airline. One of the best ways to reach this requirement is to become a Flight Instructor! We include the Flight Instructor Certificate in our Professional Pilot Program and Airline Pilot Track; graduates are then guaranteed an interview to become a Flight Instructor at our Florida flight school! Becoming a Flight Instructor means you can build up your 1,500 flight hours needed to qualify for Co-Pilot positions with regional airlines while earning money!

We also have affiliations with 11 regional airlines who visit the Sanford campus regularly to speak with cadets and CFIs about career opportunities when they graduate.

96% of our cadets who are hired at L3Harris Flight Academy to instruct go on to be placed with airlines!

How does L3Harris Flight Academy prepare you for a career in aviation?

Our pilot training courses are designed to help you reach your aviation career goals. Whether you want to pursue a career as a flight instructor, private pilot, or commercial pilot, we have a course designed for you!

The Professional Pilot Program (PPP) is our flagship route to becoming a commercial airline pilot. Cadets have the opportunity to secure a job placement after graduation as an L3Harris Flight Instructor. Enabling you to get paid while building up the hours needed for commercial airline Co-Pilot positions.

Graduating from our APT course also puts you in a great position to pursue a variety of career opportunities in the aviation industry, from becoming a commercial airline pilot to a flight instructor or even progress into military aviation.

Our Career Services Office is also on hand throughout your pilot training to offer guidance and resources on airline placements and careers in aviation.

Our relationship with US Airlines

Our US Airline Academy has strong relationships with 11 regional airlines across the country.

Whether you are a Cadet or an Instructor, you will have access to airline placements and pilot career opportunities that will help make your transition from cadet to airline pilot seamless!

Our regional airline affiliates are regularly invited to our Orlando Flight School. This gives our Cadets and Flight Instructors exclusive opportunities to speak with recruiters about salaries, bonuses, cadet programs and airline placement opportunities! Some of our affiliates also regularly interview Flight Instructors and Cadets with over 1,500 flight hours for First Officer and Co-Pilot positions, as well as for admission to their cadet program. This offers a seamless and hassle-free way to launch your career in aviation.

Why instruct at L3Harris Flight Academy?
Competitive wages
Competitive wages

As an Instructor at our Florida Flight Academy, you will be offered a competitive wage.

Average 100 hours / month
Average 100 hours / month

On average, L3Harris Flight Academy Instructors fly 100 hours per month, but some fly over 130!

Airline relationships
Airline relationships

Access to our network of 11 regional airlines that conduct onsite interviews.


We offer a $15,000 housing bonus (paid $1,000 per month), student completion bonuses, and overtime!

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