Start your pilot career through our University partners.

College degrees

You can earn a degree through our University partners when enrolling in one of our aviation degree programs.


If you are interested in earning an Associate's Degree, L3 Airline Academy has an articulation agreement with Seminole State College of Florida (SSC).

If you are interested in earning a Bachelor's Degree, L3 Airline Academy is the flight training vendor for Jacksonville University (JU).

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Our university partners

Seminole State College of Florida (SSC) is located in Sanford, Florida and is a public institution offering a two-year Associate's Degree in Arts. Upon completion of the Professional Pilot Program or Airline Pilot Track, you can apply to SSC and apply for transfer of up to 27 credits towards your degree.

Jacksonville University (JU) is located in Jacksonville, Florida and is a private institution offering a four-year Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Management and Flight Operations – making it a great choice for entering an aviation degree program. Students would apply and enroll as a JU student, then the flight training is provided by L3 Airline Academy Instructors and equipment.

  • Status: Full-time
  • Duration: 2-4 years, subject to scheduling
  • Type: Associate / Bachelor's Degree
  • Required experience: Little or none
  • Location: Sanford, Florida and Jacksonville, Florida