Take to the skies and earn your Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License

Whether you’re seeking a career in aviation or just want to learn for fun, the L3Harris Part 61 Private Pilot course will provide you with the training and resources necessary to take to the skies and earn your Private Pilot License (PPL). This course does not require full payment up front, so you can learn at your own pace.


A Private Pilots License allows you to take to the skies, day or night, in visual flight conditions. With a PPL you can fly solo or take passengers, however, you may not be compensated or paid to fly. The L3Harris Part 61 Private Pilot Course teaches the skills required to become a proficient pilot and is a great first step if you are interested in a career as an Airline Pilot or just want to fly for fun!

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The Part 61 Private Pilot Course contains the necessary flight instruction, pre and post flight briefing, and recommended ground training to guide you through your pilot training journey.

  • Cost (estimated): $11,590
  • Duration: 40 Hours of Flight Time (Minimum)
  • Required Experience: None!
  • Training Aircraft: Cessna 172 SP (Other aircraft available at additional cost)
  • Location: Orlando Sanford International Airport
Please note:

Pricing is an estimate based on the minimum time it takes to earn a Private Pilot License. Each cadet's experience may vary based on skill level, ability, and frequency of flight lessons.

For a complete understanding of possible additional costs, speak with an Admissions Officer.

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Cost Breakdown

This program is pay as you go, so the amount of time required to earn your Private Pilot License may vary. Below is a breakdown of the estimated costs using the minimum required flight time to earn your License. For any additional flight time required, you can calculate the cost using the Per Hour pricing below.


 Aircraft Rental - For Training with Instructor
(Cessna 172SP)

$16530 Hours$4,950
Solo Time
(Cessna 172SP) 
$16510 Hours$1,650
Flight Instruction$7830 Hours$2,340
 Flight Briefing$7810 Hours$780
Ground Instruction $7815 Hours$1,170
 FAA Examiner Fee--$550
 FAA Written Exam Fee--$150
Why L3Harris?
  • Over 30 Years of Professional Pilot Training History, helping thousands of cadets realize their dreams of a career in aviation.
  • Structured Courses crafted to teach cadets to the standards demanded by the Airlines.
  • Class C Airspace and an International Airport means that cadets will share the runway, and airspace, with large passenger aircraft.
  • 100+ Aircraft Fleet consisting of the Piper Seminole, Piper Archer, Cessna 172P & 172SP, Cirrus SR20, and Diamond DA42. 
  • 5 Flight Training Devices (simulators) and several Flat Panel Training Devices to help you learn to fly while on the ground. 
  • Located in Florida the Orlando Academy is an ideal location for flight training, providing over 300 flyable days per year!
  • Free Tutoring from Certified Flight Instructors is available in our Learning Resource Center. Our team is fully invested in your success! 
  • Dedicated Admissions and Student Services professionals are on campus to help guide you through your pilot training journey from start to finish.
Admissions Requirements

To apply to L3Harris Flight Academy, you must meet the following requirements. Your L3Harris Admissions Officer will provide a comprehensive list of requirements and can elaborate on the below:


The FAA requires pilots to be at least 16 years old in order to fly solo and at least 17 years old to earn a Private Pilot License.


Be able to obtain and maintain an FAA Medical Certificate.

Your assigned Admissions Officer can help you find an Approved Aviation Medical Examiners near you!

Background Check

Be able to pass a Criminal Record Check (CRC) with the FAA.

Application & Application Fee

You will be required to fill out an Admissions Application and pay an application fee of $150.

Speak with an Admissions Officer to learn more and to get started on the application!